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  • Website Development
  • Website Design
  • WordPress & Dreamweaver
  • Increase Search Engine Optimization Performance
  • Customized e-commerce
  • Social Media Account Manager

2021 – Present

Rapid Shooter is a whitewater rafting photography company located in The Forks, Maine in the Kennebec Valley region of Maine.  This site integrates with a custom e-commerce store that uploads hundreds of photos daily. This is a small business that relies on an online presence to connect with customers.  Most purchases are made days after the photographs are taken and the customers have traveled home away from The Forks, Maine.  I continue to support this website and update as needed.

I created and maintain the social media accounts for Rapid Shooters on Instagram and Facebook.  These social media accounts have shown an increase in sales over the summer of 2021.  Because of the rural location and the nature of this business it has been imperative to connect customers to their photo galleries days and weeks after the photos have been taken.  Since the majority of customers do not live in the region of this small business, social media gives them the reminder and connection to visit Rapid Shooters’ online store.





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