Phia’s is freelance chef and catering business and solo entrepreneur.  Running a business alone can be a challenge.  Phia and I worked together on new ideas for her business and the necessary marking materials needed.  This included updates to an existing website, creation of an e-mail campaign, social media marketing, menu creation.  Phia’s recently done a rebrand with a new logo but needed some printed materials such as a brochure, invoices and labels for new product.

  • Website Updates on Squarespace
  • E-Mail Campaign Squarespace
  • Content consulting and creation for Instagram
  • Digital menu layout design
  • Layout design: Brochure, product labels, invoice


Brochure - design layout printed marketing

small business marketing brochure Phia's


















Design layout product design flax crackersSocial Media digital marketing




















digital marketing e-mail campaignPhia's Invoice